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Didi 10

DIDI10. Georgian rugby 15 premiership.

DIDI 10 is the most popular rugby championship in Georgia.The best 10 Georgian teams are participating in DIDI10. Tournament begins in September and ends in May. DIDI10 consists 18 group rounds. Where 6 best teams will be reviled and move to  playoff round.

Group tours consists from 5 games. On our site you can watch 2 internet broadcasts of each round. Announcements of  the games can be found on our Facebook page.

Georgian rugby is a natural continuation of Lelo-burti (Lelo-ball) – an ancient form of folk football, still alive in country-side
Lelo has its roots in pagan times: the ball symbolized the Sun, one of the cesestial bodies worshipped throughout the Middle East
The game used to be a proven form of military exercise
It was adopted by the Orthodox Church to such an extent that the Priest used to bless a red – the most revered Christian colour – ball at Easter and throw it up to the players